Mexico Tourism Board Recognizes Contributions to Travel Sector

North Miami Beach, FL. January 26, 2017: The Mexico Tourism Board has awarded a letter of endorsement to for hundreds of thousands of vacationers that the travel giant has sent to Mexico over the last several years, confirming its status as the world’s fastest growing travel booking site.

Mexico Tourism Board Endorses BookVIP surpassed $200 million in annual resort membership revenue in 2016 for its resort partners and is responsible for several million travel bookings to destinations around the world since its inception in 2008. It’s on course to becoming the most recognized and respected speciality travel brand in the world today, generating 90% of the travel club and vacation ownership mini-vacations that take place in Mexico each year.

ABOUT BOOKVIP.COM, Headquartered in Miami, FL, has emerged as the leading industry matchmaker for connecting consumers and hospitality partners via an unrivaled suite of standard and specialty travel products, including Yoga, Golfing and Fishing Tours. Its exclusive partnerships with top resorts, and access to unlimited wholesale hotel & cruise inventory, allows BookVIP to build out an enviable range of customized packages to consumers craving both personalized travel and affordability. Within the next several years, BookVIP expects to become the most recognized travel brand in the world and the default online reservation platform for multi-destination specialty travel products.

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