Surveys Show Travel Agents are making a comeback!

Vacation planning made easy?  Or so we thought.     For years travel agents of yesteryear have declined to the point of practical extinction.  Ever since AOL sent out millions of CD,s in the mail that got us to log on to that internet phone line connection for $19  a month.  (Not referring to the millennial’s) The world changed and one of the most searched items on AOL way back then and still today on Google is travel.  What else do we search? Read on

DIY travel?     

Do it ourselves; that should be easy and fun.  Or so we thought.

To get our money’s worth for the Internet connection one of the first things we all did online that we will admit to was scouring the world wide web and planning our getaways and vacations.   The travel industry was turned on its head nearly overnight.  The birth of Tripadvisor was out of the need to get good advice since most of us had no clue.  Are the reviews even real?  Read on.

Couple - Mexico
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Stay Home?  

Survey shows many Americans now would prefer the luxury of having someone else do all the legwork.  The pain of endless searching of websites for the best price deciding if your spouse will like it.  The stress of making decisions on where to eat and what to do.  You find yourself spending hours reading endless reviews, hoping their real.  You Save all your favorites to look at later.  All this and still deathly afraid to pull the trigger on your favorite hotel. Is it the best hotel?  Is this the best rate? Is it the best location?   This fear of making the wrong choice paralyzes so many people that they end up staying home.   If you have found yourself here before read on.


Procrasti-cation of the Nation (New Medical term)

This is prompting many to procrastinate so much that then end up not leaving the house.   Then Others end up with whatever hotel is left available for a last minute getaway instead of great vacation.  Many are ready to throw in the towel and find a Travel agent. ( If you could find one)   Other vacation-less people are so severely affected that they have been diagnosed with Procrasti-cation.


(New Medical terminology for procrastinating vacation plans to the point that you end up in hometown motel or staycations as they are now called)

Are you suffering from one of the above systems?  Ask your doctor you may be suffering from  Procrasti-cation!   There is a natural cure, however, read on.

Doctor Recommended

You might be in need of our natural formula available without a prescription at  For lots of good reasons, the BookVIP secret recipe has made the fastest growing travel company in North America.  BookVIP now has over 2.7 Million Facebook fans who love us, and we feel pretty darn sure they will win you over as well.  In the last few years  BookVIP has saved travelers nearly a billion dollars compared to retail pricing and has thousands of video testimonials from happy guests to prove it, (More customer video testimonials than any other travel website anywhere) plus we maintain an A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Doctors worldwide advise their patients to get away from your work and taking quality vacations and quality time off with loved ones.  More Doctors have recommended the BookVIP secret than any other travel website as well.  (or so we have been told)

How do we do it? Here’s how…

6 Days, 5 Nights, for $590 Per Couple (Includes Unlimited Food & Drinks!)
6 Days, 5 Nights, for $590 Per Couple (Includes Unlimited Food & Drinks!)

Travel Agent come back

Our specialty is first-time visitor promotional packages that will save you 80% off the regular rates.  BookVIP has 2 call centers with combined 25,000 square feet of space operating 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have hundreds of travel experts standing by ready to help you with your vacation planning like travel agents of yesterday.  Unlike most websites today where you rarely can even find a phone number.  At BookVIP we are excited to help you plan your dream vacation.  Our travel experts are here to help you before during and after your trip.  Now here comes the best part.

No Brainer

We make the vacation decision a no brainer which makes our cure easy to swallow.  Our resort reviews are by actual customers that have stayed at the property and give you a real confirmation that the review is real and not made up. (Can’t fake thousands of video testimonials)   We are also the experts in all-inclusive plans and right now we are offering our All-Inclusive Winners at nearly 80% off of the retail rate.  Destinations like Cancun, Riviera Maya, Tulum,  Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, and more.   The promotional prices will save you thousands off of the regular rates and make it so easy to say “yes I deserve this”     Let me explain.

Everything feels FREE

At BookVIP All inclusive vacations are incredibly popular.  You won’t need to pull your wallet out of your pocket or purse for every meal and drink.  You won’t  be tipping staff for every round and every meal.  BookVIP customers have said It is entirely stress-free knowing they’re not going to have to live with a big credit card bill for all the food, drinks and entertainment at checkout.  You leave your wallet in the safe in the room and never need it again.  You pay one almost ridiculously low price once and then just lay back and relax.   Here come the sexy details!

Toes in the sand…

Just imagine you and your spouse relaxing on the beach in a shaded cabana bed. The two of you enjoying the ocean breeze the smell of the sea and coconut oil.  A margarita in your hand & your toes in the sand.  The cabana boy just a finger snap away ready to bring you another round.  The cuisine is fabulous; the beachfront restaurants are a delight.   Then add the sweetness of everything included, all day and all night, for an unbelievable price. What more could you ask?  Wait there’s more.


Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort. 4 Days / 3 Night Packages for only $99
Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort. 4 Days / 3 Night Packages for only $99

Slashing Prices again?

Right now BookVIP is slashing prices again on a very limited number of rooms for 6 days and 5 nights of luxury accommodations with all your meals and drinks included for only $499 per couple with 2 kids included free.  You read it right.  Stay at 5-star beachfront resorts with all your meals and drinks included for as only $499 per couple, NOT per person or night but for your entire stay.   The regular rack rate for these hotels is between $1900 and $2500 for five nights, and now for a very limited number of rooms you can save up to 80% off if you act quickly.

The best part of today’s promotion is you do not need to book dates today.  You can lock in one of these incredible offers with as little as only $99.00 down today.  Then call back anytime within the next 12 months to book dates and pay the balance later.  If that is not enough read on.



How on earth?

BookVIP’s secret formula includes special negotiated and pre-paid packages for eligible couples to experience the resorts first hand. You are invited to experience a luxury VIP Members Only Pass.  This first time visitor’s pass will give you access to the resort’s open house VIP preview. They will treat you like a VIP member and invite you to consider becoming one yourself. This way you can help spread the word about just how fabulous these exotic private properties are and save thousands while you’re at it.  The resorts are counting on you to tell your friends all about your experience and maybe even post your video testimonial.

Limited inventory.

I am sure you can imagine the resorts do not offer their entire hotel and all of their rooms at 80% off their standard pricing.  Only a limited number of them are available at this discounted rate.  So to Summarize:   For a very limited time you can book one of these five Hotels for five nights plus all your meals and drinks including alcohol for starting at only $499 per couple. Price is good for travel anytime during the next 12 months.   You do not need to book dates today you can lock in the price with a deposit of only $99 down and call us back later with your preferred travel dates.

Go on,  you deserve a dream vacation like this.  Don’t you?

Book yours online today or call a friendly travel expert at today to help you plan your dream vacation.  1-(888)-849-8450  .

Here come the top 5 winners by popular demand.

Here are the 5 top winners!

1) 5 Star Cabo Beach Resort

$599 for 6 Days / 5 Nights In A Junior Suite (All Meals & Drinks Included)


  • $599 for 6 Days / 5 Nights In A Junior Suite (All Meals & Drinks Included)





2) Krystal Resort Cancun

6 Days / 5 Nights In A Deluxe Room = $499 Per Couple. Includes All Meals & Drinks. 2 Kids 18 & Under Free


  • 6 Days / 5 Nights In A Deluxe Room = $499 Per Couple. Includes All Meals & Drinks. 2 Kids 18 & Under Free only $499




3) Luxury Tulum Resort

$599 “PER COUPLE” for 6 Day’s, 5 Nights (All Inclusive)


  • $599 “PER COUPLE” for 6 Day’s, 5 Nights (All Inclusive)





4) Grand Sirenis

6 Days, 5 Nights, for $590 Per Couple (Includes Unlimited Food & Drinks!)


  • 6 Days, 5 Nights, for $590 Per Couple (Includes Unlimited Food & Drinks!)





5) Luxury Riverwalk Hotel

3 Days / 2 Nights PACKAGE, + $100 Dining Voucher, for ONLY $149


  • 3 Days / 2 Nights PACKAGE, + $100 Dining Voucher, for ONLY $149






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