Why Tulum Mexico Should be the Next Place You Travel To…

Best. Beach. Ever.  – Rated by many to be the #1 Beach in the World

That description has been used to describe Tulum so often, one would think that the tiny little town in the Yucatan would, by now, have developed a bit of an attitude.

Tulum-Mexico beach

Well, Tulum does have an attitude, but not of the sort one would think. At least, not of the sort that’s gone to its head—unless that head is being used to support a yoga inversion pose!

The attitude in Tulum, today, remains much the same as it was 50 years ago, when the current town first emerged as a sleepy little beach resort, forged slightly off-the-grid, nestled at the foot of lush cliff ringed by rustic Mayan ruins.

Or, even as it was centuries ago, when the pre-Columbian community that first took root in the area is believed to have been a place where locals would go to find some peace and respite from the more bustling commercial zones to the north.

Unlike the booming beach towns further up the Caribbean Coast, Tulum—as a destination then and now—has seemingly always remained deliberately low-key. The town and its laid back residents did not embrace the big development that has happened in other parts of the peninsula, and resisted building the type of tourist-centric, mega-resorts that were designed to attract crowds, but did little to encourage class. Tulum’s attitude, first and foremost, has always been cool—and it is exactly that cool that folks now flock to.

tulum-mexico- ruins

Yes. Flock. Compared to decades past, Tulum does now attract a crowd. At least, a crowd of a certain sort.

First came the fashion and film crowds, who were drawn to Tulum’s unspoiled beauty, the perfect set up for a shoot. And some then stayed behind long after production wrapped. They stayed to open hotels or restaurants, yoga studios or boutiques, and inevitably the word was spread. But the word remained the same: Life in Tulum is Simple. Life in Tulum is Easy. Life in Tulum stays Cool.

And despite the recent influx—of new visitors, new businesses, new amenities and beyond—Tulum’s greatest natural resources remain remarkably pristine. The beaches of Tulum are, in truth, considered among the most beautiful in the world: Walking through the soft silver sand is akin to binding your feet in plush cotton, and the water is so clear one feels as though their swim strokes are cutting through glass.

Ruinas de Tulum, Mexico --- El Castillo of Tulum --- Image by © Jose Fuste Raga/Corbis
Ruinas de Tulum, Mexico — El Castillo of Tulum — Image by © Jose Fuste Raga/Corbis

Yes, Tulum is, once again, back on the grid. But this new round of development happened in its own time, and in its own way: organic, natural, bohemian and—you got it—low key. Tulum did not set out to chase the trends. The trends just caught up with Tulum.

And that Tulum will stay cool, long after the trends, and those who chase them, have moved on.


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